6 Skin Benefits Of Walnut Shell Powder You Didn’t Know About

Skin benefits of walnut shell powder

Walnuts are a tasty, healthy snack that will help keep you full and energized throughout the day. And when ground into a powder and applied to your skin, there are even more benefits to this impressive superfood. In fact, the skin benefits of walnut shell powder can keep you looking younger and better rested.

In order to get the most bang for your buck out of this powder, it’s important to know the right way to apply it, as well as what can happen if you overuse it.

Here’s everything you need to know about walnut shell powder, including how to use it effectively and why you should add it to your beauty regime today.

What Is Walnut Shell Powder?

Walnut shell powder

Walnut shell powder is a physical exfoliant formed from the meat or shell of crushed up walnuts. When rubbed against your skin, it can lead to a smoother, revitalized complexion.

Though some people prefer chemical exfoliants, physical exfoliants work just as well, so long as your skin isn’t especially sensitive. They’re also less likely to interact with ingredients in your other beauty products, and they can provide quicker, more noticeable results.

If you couple your walnut shell powder with a moisturizer or other serum, it will help your new skin glow and retain its shine.

Also, the skin benefits of walnut shell powder only increase over time. By creating and sticking to an exfoliating regime, you’ll see long-term health and beauty results.

Skin Benefits of Walnut Shell Powder

Young woman with clear skin.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of walnut shell powder as it relates to skin health.

1. Remove Dead Skin and Excess Oils

One of the skin benefits of walnut shell powder is its ability to remove dead skin, which causes new skin cells to emerge.

Because dead skin cells don’t always leave on their own, this means that walnut shell powder can help you avoid flaky patches or dryness.

It can also clear your face of excess oils, which means less clogged pores, greasy skin, and blemishes.

2. Reduce Acne and Red Spots

Because walnut shell powder can help unclog pores, you’re less likely to get any acne to begin with. And in the event that you do, walnut shell powder can help make blackheads and red spots disappear.

By shrinking your pores and evening out your skin tone, pock marks and bumps will become far less noticeable. And if you follow a consistent routine, even long-term scarring can fade.

3. Treat Mild to Moderate Skin Conditions

Though you should always consult with a doctor, one of the most interesting skin benefits of walnut shell powder is its ability to counteract certain skin conditions.

From mild fungal infections to sun damage, walnut shell powder has been shown to have several restorative properties.

Thus, walnut shell powder doesn’t just make your skin look better—it also erases damage and makes it healthier!

4. Different Sized Granules for the Face and Body

The skin benefits of walnut shell powder extend not only to the face, but also, the rest of your body.

While exfoliants are often used on faces, they can easily be applied as body scrubs or lotions. However, these scrubs and lotions use slightly different ingredients than face powders and creams.

Because the skin on the face is more sensitive, it requires smaller granules. Fortunately, walnut shell powder can come in a variety of granule sizes, as well as several application forms.

5. Take Advantage of Additional Ingredients

Oftentimes, walnut shell powder is mixed with several vitamins, minerals, and chemical compounds to leave your skin even softer and brighter than before.

While the exfoliating power of the powder already improves your skin, these additional ingredients ensure that the benefits are even more apparent.

Other ingredients can include anything from squalene and hyaluronic acid, both of which serve as moisturizers; to fruit extract, which will increase softness and shine.

Other Benefits of Walnut Shell Powder

Skin benefits aside, let’s go over some of the other benefits you’ll enjoy when using walnut shell powder.

6. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Walnut shell powder is much better for the environment than other exfoliants.

Not only is it completely green and biodegradable, but it also makes a good substitute for microbeads.

Microbeads used to be all the rage for exfoliants; however, they were incredibly small and would often be consumed by sea creatures.

In turn, humans would eat seafood and consume the plastic themselves, which could lead to health complications.

Today, microbeads are outlawed in most countries, and walnut shell powder has served as a fantastic replacement. It leaves skin feeling and looking younger. And so long as it’s applied correctly, walnut shell powder is safe and effective to use.

Are there Any Risks Associated With Walnut Shell Powder?

Over the years, there has been some debate over the use of walnut shell powder, due to its potentially abrasive exterior. However, these claims have widely been debunked.

While it is true that certain powders can contain especially sharp shell granules, these powders aren’t intended to be used on the face.

Additionally, although some powders have been shown to cause irritation, these instances have often been the result of user error, such as applying the product too frequently or vigorously.

Proper Use Of Walnut Shell Powder

So, how can you ensure you’re using your walnut shell powder correctly?

The number of times you use walnut shell powder, as well as how intensely you scrub, will affect how well it works.

Overusing walnut shell powder can lead to skin irritation, which is also true of other exfoliants. For this reason, it’s best to start with a small amount of walnut shell powder once a week and slowly build up how often you use it.

What else should I know about Walnut Shell Powder?

Ultimately, the skin benefits of walnut shell powder, coupled with its eco-benefits, make it an exceptional choice for most anyone searching for a new exfoliant. However, if you are allergic to walnuts or have especially sensitive skin, another exfoliator would better suit you.

On the other hand, if your skin is especially dry or rough, walnut shell powder can provide even more benefits.

From clearing acne to soothing patchy, red skin, walnut shell powder is an ideal choice for your skin’s appearance, texture, and overall health.


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