Plant-Based Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients for cooking and baking, the plant-based options are countless. Whether you’re looking for gluten-free flour alternatives or dairy-free milk substitutes, there is much to choose from. Learn more by exploring some of the categories below.



Plant-based spreads, such as nut butters and creamed honey, allow you to make all kinds of delicious meals while benefiting from their nutritional contents. Learn more about the various plant-based spreads and how they compare nutritionally in this section.



Whether you prefer honey, syrup, date sugar, or even coconut sugar, there are countless varieties of plant-based sweeteners at your disposal. Explore some of their nutritional differences in this section.

Dairy alternatives

Dairy Alternatives

One of the most complicated aspects of adhering to a plant-based lifestyle is finding adequate substitutes to ingredients like eggs, milk and butter. In this section we’ll be exploring some plant-based substitutions for each.

Flour alternatives

Flour Alternatives

Most flours are plant-based, but not all come from the same grains and sources. In this section we’ll be comparing various types of flours based on nutrients like gluten and fiber.



Whether you’re looking for sweet, spicy or tangy, there’s countless ways to season your foods using plant-based ingredients. Learn about the nutritional advantages of each in this section.

Cooking oils

Cooking Oils

Although most cooking oils are plant-based, not all are the same nutritionally. Some have different ratios of mono to polyunsaturated fats. Learn more about how they differ in this section.

Popular Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Cooking and baking pose a unique challenge when following a plant-based lifestyle as many recipes call for eggs and dairy. However, plant-based substitutes exist for just about everything. Here are a few popular choices:

Coconut Oil VS Butter

Coconut oil can often work as a substitute for butter, and it comes without any of the cholesterol.

Read on to learn more about how it compares to butter nutritionally.

Oat Milk VS Whole Milk

Oat milk is one of the more popular plant-based milk varieties as it froths most similarly to dairy-based milk.

Read on to see how the two compare nutritionally.

Coconut Milk VS Heavy Cream

Did you know that coconut milk can be used as a lactose-free substitute for heavy cream?

Much like heavy cream, coconut milk can be whipped into a delicious whipped cream. Read on to learn more.

Check out our complete library of plant-based ingredients to learn more about their nutritional contents and culinary uses.