11 Creative Uses for Peanut Flour That You Didn’t Know About

Uses for peanut flour

Peanut flour — also known as peanut butter flour — is a tasty, gluten-free flour substitute and all-around healthy addition to meals. It’s protein-rich, low in carbs, and just plain tasty. The uses for peanut flour go beyond what you may expect, as it can be used in baked goods, quick no-bake meals, toppings, and more.

If you want to learn more about the uses for peanut flour, check out our list below:

Uses For Peanut Flour


Flour is an essential component in many baked goods. But for people with gluten allergies, it can be difficult to find gluten-free flour substitutes.

1. Tasty Breakfasts

Fortunately, peanut flour is entirely safe for those with gluten allergies, meaning that it can easily be used in a variety of dishes, like these peanut flour pancakes.

You can also bake your muffins with peanut flour for an extra nutty kick. Just make sure to use an egg substitute such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, or aquafaba.

2. A Unique Take on Bread

Over the last year or so, people have really gotten into breadmaking. And why shouldn’t they? Bread is delicious, and breadmaking is an impressive skill. Especially when you bake your bread with peanut flour.

This recipe for bread is just as tasty as more standard versions (if not more!), but it delivers a fun and unexpected twist.

Like with other recipes on this list, just make sure to switch out the butter and eggs with vegan alternatives.

3. Decadent Chocolate Desserts

Peanut flour and chocolate go together like… well, peanut butter and chocolate. Which is to say, they’re an ideal match. That’s why another of the uses for peanut flour involves several chocolatey desserts.

From brownies to chocolate chip cookies, you can have your pick of fun, sweet treats to enjoy.

For the brownies, use chia seeds instead of eggs. And for the chocolate chip cookies, you can get creative and add additional ingredients, like different nuts and fruit.

4. Sweet, Simple Mousse


Some desserts require no baking at all, but they still need flour, which adds texture and taste.

Enter peanut flour, which can provide more health benefits than normal flour and be eaten raw.

As an example, check out this peanut butter mousse recipe, which is also sugar-free, low carb, and high in protein.

5. Protein Balls

These peanut flour breakfast bites are another no-bake treat, and they’re sure to satisfy any craving while getting you energized for your day.

They’re also easily portable and only take a few minutes to make. Plus, you can personalize some of the ingredients—for instance, vegan chocolate chips instead of cinnamon—so that you’ll have something unique each time you make them.

6. Smoothies

Previously, we’ve mentioned how certain nut butters make a great addition to smoothies. The same is true of peanut flour, which can thicken up smoothies while giving them that bold, nutty taste.

Plus, peanut flour essentially takes the place of protein powder in your smoothies. So, if you want a healthy, tasty addition to your smoothies, peanut flour is the way to go.

7. More Chocolatey Goodness

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to make the brownies or cookies we mentioned, opt instead for this tasty, easy-to-make Snickers shake.

Just substitute in your favorite dairy-free Greek yogurt or take the recipe’s suggestion and use a banana.

Also, instead of protein powder, you can always add more peanut flour!

8. Mix Into Nut Butter

If you like peanut flour, chances are you like peanut butter, too. And one of the great things about peanut flour is that you can add it to your nut butters for smoother, creamier spreads.

To do this, simply take out your nut butter, add water to your peanut flour, and mix the two together.

In a pinch, this can also help extend how long your nut butter will last, meaning one less trip to the store.

Of course, the peanut flour will alter your nut butter’s consistency, and you might prefer the peanut butter by itself on your PB&Js. However, the peanut butter/peanut flour combo still has its uses.

For instance, it can be served as a dip for dates, apples, and other fruits. It’s also a great option for drizzling over breakfast foods, like those peanut flour pancakes we mentioned.

9. Use as a Topping

Peanut topping

If you’re looking for more uses for peanut flour, you’re in luck, because it also works great as a topping for several meals.

From oatmeal to vegan yogurt, peanut flour can take your breakfast to the next level, leaving you fuller and more energized.

You can either use the nut butter option we mentioned above or simply sprinkle the flour on your meal of choice.

10. Perfect Addition to Sauces

Peanut sauce is a popular addition to many Asian dishes. And there are several types of peanut sauces you can make.

From salty and spicy to sweet and creamy, try adding peanut flour to your standard peanut sauce recipes, and you’ll notice a difference in texture and taste right away.

Some people may prefer the standard peanut or peanut butter versions, which are also delicious. But for some meals, peanut flour sauce is simply the best choice.

11. Even More Options!

The uses for peanut flour are only limited by what you want to try in the kitchen.

For instance, when cooking soy or seitan meats, you can easily add a combination of peanut flour, egg substitute, and vegan milk for breading.

You could also try adding peanut flour to soups to thicken them up. Of course, peanut flour will go better with certain soups than others, but it’s worth trying a few different combinations and discovering which you like.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free flour substitute that will make your meals tastier and more nutritious, look no further: peanut flour is the way to go.

From baked goods to portable, healthy snacks, the uses for peanut flour seem almost endless. Its versatility and flavor will quickly make it one of your go-to ingredients, so try out one of the recipes above today!


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